Remeber in 2008, if you was living in South Korea and you are crazy in love with Kpop but you can't find the way to Download your favorite song and put it into Mp3 player 😭. And it's impossible to get your own Music Video in your phone, you need to buy it with 1,000won😿 via Mobile network service < I use LG Cyon prepaid phone and i remember Melon so much 😈, just available with Korean only πŸ˜’, Foreigners can't do πŸ˜‚>

After 10 years, we have many options to Download. Now i show you 5 simple ways to get your love song.

Option 1: Download via IDM - Internet Download Manager :

Fast and Simple, with high speed and you can download multiple links and every file type.

πŸ’” Low quality Video and this software always ask you to update new version and puschare license.


Option 2: Download via Online Website - Just click to Download Page  above tab

Fast and Simple, with high speed.

πŸ’” Download one by one link or Playlist, display Ads.


Option 3: Download via K-pop Downloader Software :

Fast and Simple, with high speed, Multiple Links, Convert and Transfer file, Record Screen.

πŸ’” Still don't find any thing unconformable


Option 4: Download via  CocCoc Webrowser - Deverloped in Vietnam: 

 Fast and Simple, with high speed, what you see is what you get, don't need to install.

πŸ’” Display Ads, sometime server crash, can download with open media source only.


Option 5: Download via 4K Downloader - Youtube Downloader software:

 Fast and Simple, with high speed, don't need to install.

πŸ’” Display Ads, Can download MP4 file Only, always ask you to buy Full Version.